Saturday, August 15, 2009

#7 - The carseat isn't simple

#7 - I was thinking today about a few weeks back when I attempted to install the carseat in the car before my son was born. I am embarrassed to say I had trouble figuring out how it was supposed to properly be installed. There are straps and hooks and levels and boosters and it goes on and on. It's not as simple as just putting the seat belt around the carseat. So, I initially brought my car and the carseat to the Fire Station near work where the gentlemen there installed it for me. My next hurdle came when I actually had to put my son in the carseat for the first time! How do the locks and straps all fit together?? Then, come to find out a week or so later, the top lock should be at nipples/armpits, not at his belly. I learn something new everyday. Thanks to an experienced Mom who set me else would I have known?

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  1. haha, wait until you have to adjust the straps as he grows. That was a disaster for us. We were actually late to Katelyn's first pedi appt out of the hospital because we couldn't figure out how the straps adjusted. Who knew she would have grow that much in just a few days?